Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Microsoft will no longer update XP SP2

As of today, Microsoft is discontinuing updates to Windows XP if you’re still running Service Pack 2 or below. This only affects XP users. If you’re on a Vista or Windows 7 machine, this does not affect you. (If you’re on Windows 95/98/Me/or 3.1, may the powers that be have mercy on your soul)

I strongly recommend that if you are running Windows XP as your operating system on your computer or laptop at home, you need to be sure you’re on SP3.

To check what version you’re running, right click on “My Computer”, then select “Properties”.

You’ll then see this screen:

What’s circled in red is where it tells you the Service Pack version you are running. If it says something other than Service Pack 3, you need to update your system.

Updating to Service Pack 3 is free, and not only gives you security updates but also speed improvements. Turning on your Automatic Updates is recommended as well if it is not already, so you’re always up to date and Service Pack 3 will install from Automatic Updates.

Here’s an article about configuring your Automatic Updates:


Here’s an article about service packs and how to update:


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