Thursday, March 11, 2010

Skyfire for Android

I must have missed this before as this post came out Feb. 11th, however I'm excited that Skyfire will be ported to Android! Back when I had a Windows Mobile 6.5 phone, I used Skyfire for my web browsing. It really was the only way to browse the web on a WinMo phone, with Opera Mini coming in a close second. It rendered pages quickly and allowed me to view Adobe Flash and Silverlight content, ie Hulu and Netflix's streaming service.

I have since purchased a Nexus One phone running Android 2.1 and couldn't be happier. It's blazingly fast. And while I know that Flash 10.1 will be available for Android 2 soon, I haven't heard of any Silverlight development for it (and I doubt it will ever come, being a Microsoft product).

It seems that it will be based on the webkit browser supplied by Google out of the box, which I think is a good thing. It's a very capable and full featured browser (now with multi-touch!) that I have no complaints about.

All in all, good news in my very humble opinion.

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