Monday, March 29, 2010

Net Neuatrality is NOT a Marxist plot.

Net Neutrality is a very important issue that I feel very strongly about. I find that the majority of people who are against it are either misinformed or simply just don't get it. Here is an email I received today from Save the Internet that I felt I should post.

I encourage everyone to do what they can to stop the misinformation and get net neutrality passed. It's not some Marxist plot, it's vital to the free speech and progress of the internet as a whole. To find out more about it, visit or you can watch the informative video at the bottom of this post.

"Dear Michael,

Glenn Beck recently stood at his chalkboard to warn Fox News viewers of a sinister plot to shut down free speech. A "gang of communists" had infiltrated Washington, he raged. Their goal: to pass Net Neutrality and turn the Internet into a "Marxist utopia."

Beck has it backward: Net Neutrality is the Internet principle that protects — not threatens — our ability to speak freely in a democracy.

But don't tell that to the phone and cable lobbyists. They're flooding the FCC with the same lies about Net Neutrality and censorship that Beck peddles to the public.

Our new site, Debunk the Junk, reveals the lobbyists' bogus claims about Net Neutrality — and lets you counter them by telling the FCC the truth.

The Internet's founders established open standards to ensure that everyone with a connection could communicate with everyone else online. This basic Net Neutrality principle turned the Internet into an amazing engine for free speech.

The FCC is considering whether to protect this freedom with a Net Neutrality rule. Without it, companies like AT&T, Verizon and Comcast have a commercial incentive to decide whose voices are more important and whose views will be heard. They've already put in place technology that allows them to filter and block content they deem undesirable.

Help expose phone and cable company lies; tell the FCC the truth and stop powerful interests from stifling your voice.


Timothy Karr
Campaign Director

P.S. There's a lot of junk out there. Forward this e-mail to your friends and share the site on Twitter andFacebook: Get everyone you know to tell the FCC you support Net Neutrality."

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