Friday, December 11, 2009

Chrome OS running in Parallels in OSX

I posted this on my Facebook earilier, but decided to make it a blog post:

Google has recently announced their operating system called Chrome. It's a net based OS that forces you to work almost entirely in the cloud. It's based on the Chromium browser. At the announcement they also announced the source code is available. Many people grabbed it and compiled it for consumption. I found on GDGT a VMware image, but since I have Parrallels on the Mac, decided to use the transporter and get it running. And I did thanks to a quick search and some helpful posts online.

So whats the verdict?

Can't really make a verdict yet. It's a pre-alpha release, and since I'm running it in a virtual enviornment the speed advantage isn't there either (except for the boot process, man this thing starts up fast). However, I think the idea is very interesting. It would never replace a full workstation computer, but for netbooks... The problem I can see with it is nothing is stored locally, so if you have no connection you're hosed. Plus it almost forces you to use Google services, and I could see people resenting that. The light weight versions of Ubuntu have done some interesting things for netbooks and the latest Ubuntu is amazing, so Google has their work cut out for them if they want to carve out a space in this market. However the advantage Google has, similar to Microsoft, is they have unlimited resources so if they wanted to push their way in, they could. That being said, I'm geeking out on it.

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