Sunday, September 07, 2008

son of propaganda, child of rhetoric

This is just ridiculous. This is a shelf I happened upon at a local Barnes and Noble (see picture below). I guess I understand wanting your kids to feel the same way you do... but this is just abhorrent. The two books, one titled "Barack Obama; son of promise and child of hope" and the other titled "My Day; John McCain" are blatant propaganda for children. Out of shear morbid curiosity, I picked up both books and took them to the coffee shop in store to read them. Both are full of rhetoric, but the John McCain book seemed to be worse talking about how great Republicans are and his war record. They even talk about him dropping bombs on Vietnam and his time being tortured. They are both, however, just awful. Is this what our political system has become? Is this what our nation is about? Indoctrinating children to our own beliefs... or letting them make a decision on their own WHEN THEY'RE OLD ENOUGH!

I'm neither Democrat or Republican. And now I'm sad for people who tow the party lines regardless of what's right for the country, and for America in general.

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