Friday, February 01, 2008

We don't know Dick.

Ah Dick Cheney. Recently he was on Rush Limbaugh's show discussing the wiretapping program that this administration put into place (all legalities aside) to spy on Americans. More specifically they claimed international phone calls, but it's been shown they spied on Americans domestically as well in a gross violation of our rights as citizens. But that's beside the point, during this interview he made this statement:

CHENEY: Correct. People who don’t want to — I guess want to leave open the possibility that the trial lawyers can go after a big company that may have helped. Those companies helped specifically at our request, and they’ve done yeoman duty for the country, and this is the so-called terrorist surveillance program, one of the things it was called earlier. It’s just absolutely essential to know who in the United States is talking to Al-Qaeda. It’s a program that’s been very well managed. We haven’t violated anybody’s civil liberties. It’s in fact a good piece of legislation.

Yes. He's discussing retroactive immunity to the phone companies who allowed the government to spy on American citizens, well the ones that allowed. There is one phone company out there that refused to comply. (Qwest). He also says that the program hasn't violated anyone's civil rights.

Well Dick, if there has been no civil rights violations, then why the huge push for a retroactive immunity? Circular logic anyone?

Politicians are scum.

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