Saturday, December 08, 2007

Guitar Hero III on the Wii

I don't know what's the issue, but I can not find Guitar Hero III for the Wii. I've been to 4 Best Buys, countless Gamestops (I hate Gamestop), Fry's, Walmart, Target, etc. It's sold out everywhere.

I know the Wii is the most popular "next gen" game console, but come on! I've been looking for at least two weeks. I know I probably could have ordered it online, and gotten it by now, but I just know that the moment I order it I'll see it in the store and won't be able to play it that night because it's in the mail. They're currently sold out of it on Amazon.

There were rumors that GH3 for the Wii was accidentally in mono, and that may be why they're not shipping them at the moment. Perhaps they're trying to fix that problem.

Either way, I want my GH3 dammit! I'll stop ranting now.

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