Tuesday, May 15, 2007

10 Smart Hacks for Google Reader

"A few smart hacks will enable you to look through all of your favorite feeds in just 30 minutes or less using the power of Google Reader." -from story

I've recently started using Google reader for all my rss/news feeds needs. (see, it rhymes) Before this I really wasn't one who used RSS that often, however this reader changed all that for me. It's now my homepage in firefox. I was extremely skeptical at first, but after using it for a couple of weeks now I'm hooked. And, just to show how cool google really thinks it is, they configured a Wii specific version of reader, for all of us Wii owners. All I can really say is: Rad. Anyway, if you want to learn about some of the features of reader, I encourage you to click the "read more" button below.

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