Tuesday, March 13, 2007

RIAA falsley claims record label...

While reading this digg submission about who the RIAA is, I noticed Fat Wreck Chords on their list. This confused me. I've been a fan of NOFX since I was a teenager and have always admired NOFX and Fat Mike's (their lead singer) integrity. They have even written a song about the music industry titled "Dinosaurs will die."

So when I saw Fat Wreck Chords on the RIAA list, I was surprised. I always thought they are vehemently against the RIAA and their dealings. Turns out I was right. I found this quote from the FAQ section of Fat Wreck Chords website:

"What the fuck is the RIAA and is Fat part of it?

They are the Recording Industry Association of America. Are we a member? Not only no, but FUCK NO! We spent three years having our label’s name (which was mispelled) removed from their members list. A year went by, then our name showed up again on their fucking list! Who are these sonsabitches?! Needless to say, we’re in the process of having our name removed again, but they aren’t being too cooperative."

So why would the RIAA claim that this independent label is a part of their tyrannical organization? And the other disturbing thought is how many other labels are falsely put on this list. They must be getting desperate. Hopefully it's an indication that dinosaurs will die... soon.

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