Friday, May 19, 2006

Support Net Neutrality

Right now, there is a movement in congress to pass a tiered internet bill or something similar, which will allow large corporations like AT&T and Verizon determine which websites get what bandwidth according to how much they pay them. If this happens then the internet, which has revolutionized our lives, will be controlled soley by these corporations.

These corporations are greedy and need to be stopped. They say that they have to be paid for websites that take up much of their bandwidth. Guess what? They are getting paid, by us. The consumer. This is nothing more than a greedy, despicable attempt to double dip and get paid twice for the same thing.

Go to to read about the evils of this and why it is important to get involved. This is a very important issue and will effect everyone. Support Net Neurtrality.

This is a very non-partisan issue. Some of the groups involved rare the Gun Owners of America, MoveOn, Craig from Craigslist, Free Press, artists and musicians, consumer advocates, Internet advocates, and 600 other organizations. Also fighting for Net Neutrality are the Christian Coalition, ACLU, Google, Amazon, and eBay. Liberal or conservative, left or right, black or white, this issue effects us all.

If these companies have their way, they would be the "internet gatekeeper" and turn what is now an equalizing medium into a tollway that you can travel only with their permission. Please don't let that happen. Go to and get involved. Call, email, and write your congressman. That is the only way you will get your voice heard.

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